gluten free goods

My tummy no-likey the gluten. I have a severe digestive intolerance of it, but I don't have Celiac disease.

Meaning: I can tolerate a host at Mass; I can't eat a donut. (Well, except for these tasty morsels.) Click away for my favorite gluten-free produce reviews and recipes. I'll update this page with new reviews as I write them; heaven knows I've tried many more gluten-free products than I've written about. For me, gluten free products must both taste great AND cost me less than a small fortune for me to be a repeat customer (there I go with that "both/and" thing again). All of my recommendations below meet those criteria. 

And, if you've got a question, feel free to write me at domesticapologist (at) gmail (dot) com.

favorite gf brands (and how I use them)

(best single-serve large cookies)

(donuts, english muffins)

(beer-battered fish, italian breaded fish, breaded shrimp)

(awesome bread, amazing and fairly-cheap pizzas, cookies, pizza crust, bagels)

(graham cracker cookies, dedicated to avoiding the 8 major allergens) 

(usually the cheapest pre-made pancake/waffle mix on store shelves)

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