finally pulling the plug on PBS Kids

This isn't a shocker, of course. I've already ranted on Coffee & Donuts with John & Mary about the sing-song nihilism of Daniel Tiger's little ditties in episode 31.

And, I've always had an eye out for the subtle suggestions, the little winks, the discreet nods at the liberal agenda, sprinkled in the PBS Kids shows.

But today, I didn't see a wink or a nod--no, today it was a straight up high five to indoctrinating my kids. This PBS Kids commercial aired this morning while my little ones were watching, I'm ashamed to say.

Come and see, come and see
Come and see my family
I got two awesome daddies 
And a brother who's just three
I like them, they like me
Now come and see my family

So, that's that, then! We'll be taking the same approach as we did with Netflix, and removing it from our tv immediately. Although unfortunately, we could actually cancel our subscription to Netflix, whereas PBS will continue to receive our money through taxpayer subsidies. Ugh.

Anyone else taken this plunge and gone cold turkey on PBS Kids? I put a Brother Francis DVD on for Gus this afternoon and, surprisingly, she didn't melt into a puddle of Let's Go Luna-deprived despair. So that's a win. I'd love some good recommendations for shows or DVD series appropriate for the 3-5 year old range.


  1. Oh geez, good riddance PBS kids. Thanks for the heads up! Daniel Tiger always drove me nuts anyway with their lame "Snowflake Day" and "Love Day"- could they whittle down Christmas and St. Valentine's Day anymore?

    1. I forgot about those! Yes! Let's just empty every single Christian feast of its roots, purpose and name. Ugh!

  2. Sounds like a wise decision to pull the plug on PBS Kids. Ugh!

    We don't have a TV, but our kids (7yo, 5yo, 3yo, and the baby) adore 'Tudor Monastery Farm' on YouTube. It's not directed to children, just explains what life was like on a monastery farm 500 years ago. They build pig pens, spin wool, cultivate wild yeast, etc. It's fascinating. And they enjoy the 'Planet Earth' DVDs, too. A family friend once said, "The great thing about kids is they get very enthusiastic about things YOU say are awesome." So that's the approach we've taken - don't show them kids shows that say whining is awesome - choose something that shows the beauty of the natural world, or how resourceful people can be without electricity/computers.

  3. Thank you so much for this post. We have really reduced our tv time but will be pulling the plug on netflix and have already pulled the plug on pbs

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  5. this is the stupids shit ive ever seen all PBS is trying to do is educate kids about have two fathers maybe if you stop being a soccer mom you could get that kids need to be educated about this stuff