navy + yellow living room refresh

It only took me TWO ENTIRE YEARS in this house to figure out how to best configure my living room. I'm really crushing it in the home decor arena, oy .

We inherited the beige couch from the previous owner. It's not exactly modern nor does it have anything resembling "clean lines," but it's incredibly well-built, clean and comfortable. And since I didn't have room for two new sofas in my budget, there it stayed.

futonchairs / lamp and pillows from Ross

This futon. This navy blue linen, convertible-to-sleeper, $209 futon... I shopped around forever online, telling myself how dumb it'd be to buy a piece of furniture online. You can't sit on it! You don't know how well it's built!

Yeah, well. I wasn't having any luck locating a navy sofa in stores or online that was under $1000. So when this beauty popped up for 1/5 that amount, I pulled the trigger pretty quickly.

After all, what do Sean and I say to each other daily? THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. #kids

The futon arrived in a few days and Sean set it up in maybe 30 minutes. Thar she blows.

Then a few days ago though I was perusing overstock.com when what do I see on their homepage?

Man, that looks a lot like my Walmart futon.

*quick site search for Novogratz Brittany futon*


*mental high fives myself*