an ode to my Ikea jute rug

How do I love thee, thee of low pile, strong fiber, Swedish origins and light dirt-like color?

Oh, I love thee. Let me count the ways.

I'd been scouring Rugs USA and E-Sale Rugs since October, looking at jute area rugs. And even though they have sales, and yes, even though the shipping is free, I couldn't easily pull the trigger on a $299-$399 rug. And then. On a whim we took a family trip to Ikea during Christmas vacation, looking for a bathroom vanity and a loveseat.

Naturally, we emerged with a trash can and an area rug.

But this rug, this glorious 6'7"x 9'10" area rug cost all of $139.

I repeat: $139. Hold me.

Ikea says of their Lohals rug: "Jute is a durable and recyclable material with natural color variations."

Translation: When your small children drop cereal, granola bars, the infernal mini chocolate chips from said granola bars, and tortilla chips onto this lovely rug with its natural color variations, you can't tell. And when they grind these small pieces of food into this rug before you can vacuum them up, you still can't tell. Glory.

It's alternately the color of straw, dirt and sand--which is basically what little kids are made of.

Yes, a little. But I got it because our family room needed a rug that could endure heavy foot traffic. A few strands of jute have rubbed off onto the boys' pants when they've sat on it building Legos, but that was once in a week, and it's not a frequent activity in that room. It's not a playroom rug, and it's definitely not a soft bedroom rug. We're mostly walking on it (and eating on it), not sitting or directing the kids to wrestle on it, so it hasn't bothered me.

It needed 3 hours to air out, once we brought it home and unrolled it. Since then, nada.

Must you ask? Yes. Yes I'd buy it again, and once we take out the carpet in our dining room, I might put one in there too. Jute forever.


  1. Yes yes, that's all well and good. But were the boys wearing cargo pants (or shorts) when building said legos? Inquiring minds want to know...

  2. Mine stinks like dirt and decaying leaves,... 2 weeks later ...3 boxes of baking soda and it still smells like the the ghost of hellish girlfriends past

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