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Was it just me, or did half of the country eat chili for dinner on Halloween night? And like me, does half the country have leftover chili for dinner tonight?

This week's inspiration comes courtesy of a huge issue of Cooking Light that showed up in the mail this week, along with an invoice for 18 more issues. Budgets being tight and all that, I think I'll pass, but I will be using their online monthly recipe index--lots of good stuff there.

Leftover chili (meaning no big sink of dishes to wash). Thrilling!

Chicken stir-fry / peanut sauce / coconut-cilantro rice (Cooking Light)

My very first foray into cooking with coconut milk. Coconut paired with lime, at that. Queue the music:

Pan-fried hamburgers (no buns)

Pioneer Woman's sweet potato fries (COME TO MAMA)

Bag salad

Aidells Italian Style Chicken Meatballs (gluten free, nitrite free, kid approved and quite delish)

Spaghetti sauce supplemented with mushrooms

Steamed spaghetti squash (in place of pasta)

Baked chicken (Constant reminder to myself: TAKE OUT THE DARN GIBLETS BEFORE BAKING THE BIRD.) 

Steamed broccoli

Bag salad 

Smokey steak fajitas / avocado and tomato salad (Cooking Light)
(Yeah, I'll follow some of this, but I'm posting it mainly for the steak spice rub.) 

Head over to Nell's to plan your week's worth of meals, too. Oh, and an addendum to last week's ode to soup: Now when Joseph asks what's for dinner, he follows it quickly with, "It's not soup, is it?" And if it is indeed soup, he cries. Need to devise a way to endear him to my my viscous meals, apparently.