you can blame Amanda

A Liebster nomination from sweet Amanda at Erring on the Side of Love has me posting again. So I have her to blame for both pulling me out of my writing slump, and for breaking the dam that's been holding back all my third-trimester pregnancy whining. (I think I just might write that kind of post this afternoon, and "zinging pain radiating from my pelvis" will be a phrase that features prominently.)

1. Are you a morning or night person? 

I am a gluten-free cereal aficionado, and sometimes I feel like I go to bed only to be that much closer to waking up and having my bowl of Panda Puffs with lactose-free non-fat milk. My average time between when I open my eyes until I'm shoveling puffs in my mouth is about 3.2 minutes.

And for those reasons, I'm a morning girl.

2. What are your morning routines like?

See above. Add an iPhone perusal of news, Facebook, email. And the daily Old Navy sale. Always contemplate going. Rarely do.

3. What's your favorite snack for yourself?

In keeping with the cereal theme, gluten free Vanilla Chex, straight, no chaser.

4. What's your favorite snack to give to your kiddos?

Applesauce pouches. Amby used to LOVE his bottle, and now, he sucks down those pouches with the same fervor--and always has at least two, three if he's a quart low on his daily fruit intake.

5. Favorite thing to bake in the fall or winter?


Really. I know I should have a sweet, dessert-like answer, but I don't do a lot of gluten free baking. Since our house doesn't have air conditioning, I don't use our oven from about May-September. When the weather changes, I start throwing birds in there at 4pm at least once a week and have a delicious, home-roasted bird ready by 6pm. The Costco rotisserie version is indeed cheap and acceptable, but nothing beats a bird you cook yourself.

6. Favorite dinner to make during the fall or winter?

Slow-baked shredded beef and pork. And this no-mayo slaw.

Why a no-mayo slaw? See #8.

7. What do you miss about your college years?

My waistline, ha. My girlfriends--I miss them very, very much. Being an editor, or the editor-in-chief, of publications and projects. Being able to work out at any hour. Feeling invincible.

Also, carrying big flags.

8. What's your favorite way to love your spouse?

Ironing his dress shirts for work. And never forgetting that he hates mayonnaise with the heat of a thousand suns.

9. What's your favorite way to love your parents? 

Sending them cards and care packages (from both me and the boys) for the days that honor them: Mother's Day, Father's Day, and their birthdays. Mail is my love language.

10. Do you have a note perpetually covering your doorbell, telling people not to ring your doorbell in case there's a child napping? If not, do you love your doorbell? 

No note. LOVE the doorbell, naps be damned.

I practically sing "Wells Fargo Wagon" from Music Man when I see the Fed Ex truck pull up. Ring that bell, man! As in #9, mail = love language. "I hope I get my raisins from Fresno!"

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Queries for you ladies:

1. Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Taking a dish to another home? 
2. Are your kids sufficiently revved up for Halloween, AND, when do you buy your Halloween candy? 
3. Costumes or saint getups for your kids this year? 
4. Everyone loves fall. Is there anything about autumn that bugs you?
5. Stealing this from a previous Liebster list I saw, but what recent meme really cracked you up? (Amanda's favorite just kills me: 

6. With what kind of intensity are you following the Synod?
7. On weekend mornings, do you cook a special breakfast at your house?
8.  Pick one current pop song. Expound upon your love or hate of it. 
9. If you had one for eternity: kettle corn or movie theatre popcorn? 
10. Predict the Superbowl champion. Or, recount your man's elation or misery at the outcome of last year's Bowl. 

HA. That was quite fun.


  1. Oh Mary, your responses had me cracking up! Haha, thank you for that! Especially the youtube video. After Eli was still rolling around and not asleep come 10-stinking-o-clock, I thought I was going to go to have to put my crazy face on. But thenn. this. Thank you! And you seriously have to explain the no AC. I'm in Tx and have no idea how that would be possibleatall!? Annd, now I want your address to send you a box of raisins. Obviously not from Fresno but raisins nonetheless so your doorbell can ring! :) Your hilarious. Prayers for you in these last weeks of baby being cozy in your womb, mama!

  2. Thank you for tagging me! Not in labor yet ;) Just posted my answers!