pretty funny happy real / in CA (again) (mostly)

Looks like the last time I did the Like Mother/Like Daughter weekly linkup, I also posted pictures from a recent California trip. My only conclusion is that many pretty, funny and happy things really do happen in CA.

pretty /

Ain't no sunset like a NorCal sunset. Sky on FIRE.

funny / 

Joseph learning to finally ride a bike (thanks to Babcia's perseverance)--not funny, but it made us all giddy with pride. 

One truly funny Joseph story this week: I had Catholic radio on in the car, and a talk by Fr. Larry Richards (who I LOVE) came on. 

Joseph asks, "Mom... Is this Jesus talking?"

happy / 

A well-stocked kitchen towel drawer, filled with beautiful swaths of absorbent cotton is one of my mother's love languages (and, in turn, mine as well). If you time it right in the evenings, you can occasionally catch her at one of her guilty pleasures: ironing them. 

real / 

Back to (pre) school for my precious Little Nerd; back to mornings with mom for my Little Knight. Happy September.

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  1. A drawer full of kitchen linen will always be one of the prettiest sights in the world! Thanks for sharing!