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Kinda like don't judge a book by its cover, don't judge a bishop (or a pope) by his residence.
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Fancy that: Pregnancy resource centers giving women real help: "But she had never forgotten the unique sense of love she felt at the center and how deeply it had affected her. 'Other places made me feel like I was a bad person.'”

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Matt Walsh on "safe" sex.

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19 ways to let you parish priest know you appreciate him.

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The Cardinal Newman Society puts together 10 facts every Catholic should know about Common Core.

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Ever read about a topic that makes your head spin? Try this: FIGHT! between radical feminism and transgenderism. I feel dizzy already.
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Alert the media: Woman who believes the Church has no respect for women CAN'T WAIT to see Fifty Shades of Grey.... Heh: "The hierarchy of the Church will continue to bind us, restrain us, and subjugate us, always looking for a way to make us submissive to their selfish desires."

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  1. It is a real restriction of liberty not being able to read trash. @@

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