week's best clicks / 04

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"Dancing with the Stars" and "classy" don't normally appear in the same sentence, but leave it to D.J. Tanner to make it so. Go girl.

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I could eat this salad for nights on end. Feta. Give me more feta.

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Catholic Sistas round up the cleverest first-time or repeat pregnancy announcements. I personally love selling the bikini and what I think might be a beer brewing set.

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Speaking of children, this week brought an overflow of grief for many Catholic families, who must now surrender to the grace, healing and comfort that only the Lord brings, notes Jessica at Housewifespice.

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Horses, lances and hormones, oh my! Catholic Vote sheds light on the oft-pondered common ground between dueling/jousting and the Pill.

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I don't know if I could ever forego my beloved Russell Stover marshmallow bunnies, but Haley gives some lovely alternatives and charming basket-stuffer ideas.

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Move over, Alicia Keys: A sweet young nun rocks the stage (and delightfully shocks the judges) on Italy's The Voice 2.


  1. Oh my goodness, that nun is too cute!!! I loved seeing the judge's faces when they turned around!

  2. Now I know who Candace Cameron Bure is. Thanks! I have seen her name all around the Christian sphere. Good for her!

    1. I know, I didn't recognize the name either! And I didn't know Kirk Cameron is her brother. Learn new things every day, they say :)

  3. Ah! Do I need to start watching Dancing With the Stars again? Because I swore I wouldn't with that awful Erin Andrews...but...if you say so!
    And I tired that salad too and it is soooo soooo good. I'm a complete sell out for feta.