week's best clicks / 02

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Looking to upgrade to a place with a little more space? Buzzfeed finds six castles that cost less than an apartment in New York City.

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Yummy for breakfast or dinner: Modern Mrs. Darcy's easy 20-minute frittata (omit the sausage and that's one easy Friday Lenten meal).

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Mandi at Messy Wife, Blessed Life lists 10 things to do if you must miss Mass. (Is there anyone that hasn't had to stay home at least one Sunday this flu season, taking care of a little one? Bless you!)

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"Think globally; act locally" runs smack dab into "unless you're gay, same-sex marriage doesn't affect you in any way." SSM activists can't have it both ways, according to Catholic Answers.

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Awesome, happy-dance news: The alleged miracle of Bonnie's son James through the intercession of Archbishop Sheen has been unanimously approved by the Congregation of the Causes of Saints at the Vatican! The case moves on from here, but wow. Huge.

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Frame-worthy envelopes.When buying a greeting card that's matched with a plain white envelope, I always ferret out a more colorful envelope from another card. Bills and bank statements have plain white envelopes; birthday cards shouldn't. 
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My lovely friend Eleri (living in North Dakota) says, "We get a lot done when it's still bitterly cold in March."

Linking up to Conversion Diary's 7 quick takes. Are takes this quick even allowed? We shall see.


  1. Love the decorative envelopes! Each year I make my own Valentines. The "love" this year, however, went more into the envelope than the card, as I made those as well out of fabric. My brother, who prefers snail mail to email when corresponding with family, always makes his own fun envelopes. I think you might know him. :>)

  2. Stationary and note cards in themselves, bring me joy but note cards with matching designed envelopes make me swoon. :-) And isn't the news about Bonnie wonderful! God is good!

  3. Thanks so much for linking to me! I'm embarrassed to admit this is the first time I've seen your blog (Bonnie linked to you) and it won't be the last!