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No doubt about spring being sprung here in California, though the current drought may make 
flowers like these scarce come summer. We're soaking up the pretty and praying for rain.

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Not too sure about this whole stick-face-in-the-hole thing at the zoo. 

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Cheating here with two pics, but couldn't help but include some grandparent love. Also filed under the category of: stuff my parents have for the kids to ride on.

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I joked with a friend today that my parents' house has so much more space than ours does, and that this means the boys can fight and bicker in the backyard, in the front yard or even in the spacious living room! However, these warm days have also seen them walk to the park with their Babcia, holding hands and pointing out every garbage can, kitty cat, and "ga-bug-ga-ball" (basketball hoop) along the way. Not a bad way to spend March.

Like Mother Like Daughter has more p/f/h/r goodness.

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  1. Did you grow up in Sac? I did, but that was a LOOONG time ago.