what I wore sunday / to hell with hosiery

Today's outfit is notable solely for what it is not--it is not a skirt. It is pants.

And pants are good and pants are truly just fine (pants pass! pants paaaaass!), but I like wearing skirts or dresses to Mass. My fleece-lined tights (thick as sheet rock but comfy as leggings) got plenty of use this winter, but PRAISE BE TO HEAVEN it's now just a titch warmer outside. So this morning I ripped open a new pack of black control top nylons instead.

Have mercy.

Once I shimmied into them, taking great care not to snag the dang things before even getting any use out of them, I honestly thought they felt ok. On went the skirt and top. Cute! Dressy. Good.

10 minutes later I'm back in my bedroom stripping everything off.

Sean: "Why are you changing? You looked nice."

Me: "Because I feel like a snake swallowed my bottom half and is now in the process of digesting me."

Oh, the squeezing. The constriction! I've always had an aversion to tight things around my middle, but I kind of thought by now I would have outgrown it. A grown woman is able to wear nylons, and may even be happy or comfortable doing so, I thought.

I am either not a grown woman or an odd one. Whatever.

My options were either donning the fleece tights and sweating through Mass, or giving up and pulling on my pinstripe New York and Co. pants from six years ago. As Simcha would simply state: Pants.

So until it's deemed appropriate to go bare-legged (the end of March? Maybe? Early April, please?), I'll be rocking the wide-legged trousers on Sundays.

Bonfire (albeit a very quick one) at my house tonight for the offending hosiery.

Off to FLAP where I hope you will find other ladies so pleased with their outfits, their shoes flew off from abundant attire happiness.


  1. Have you tried Foot Traffic cotton tights? I wear them all winter and well into the spring and I find they are the perfect weight with no constriction, so no sweating through a warmer day, but they keep you warm when it is cold. Win-win. I get mine from Sock Dreams.

    1. Ooooh, sounds lovely! Thanks for the recommendation, I will certainly check them out.

  2. I love wide-legged trousers! You look great...pants and all.

  3. Seriously, my fleece tights are so. so. so. hot! Have you tried thigh highs? I know it sounds so weird, but they let your midsection breathe and really work well when it's too warm for fleece but not warm enough for bare legs! Heck, I can go bare-legged if I'm wearing boots as long as it's above freezing - do you have tall boots that work?

  4. The AdSense ad I'm seeing on your blog is for "compression stockings." Kind of ironic. :-) You look great!

    1. HAAA! Maybe those are the answer. :) Thanks Laura!

  5. I gave up on pantihose probably 15 years ago or more. I decided that if I couldn't be unconscious about what I was wearing (because they felt so bad) it wasn't worth wearing. So I switched to pants-only, for my professional job and for outside the workplace as well. Now that I live in a climate where the only shoes I wear are sandals, I've begun wearing skirts again!