what I wore sunday / grayscale edition

I'm sensing a disturbing trend in my Mass apparel: It's all roughly the color of ash. Ash with pattern, texture and layers, sure, but man.

Vest: thredup
Skirt: old Merona
Modesty: high
Practicality for wrangling toddler all Mass: very high

I practically match the environment. If my tights were the color of dead twigs and my boots the hue of frozen soil, I'd be invisible.

The boys don't seem to have this problem, though they do look as if Scotty is partway though beaming them up.

Both of the boys have colds which apparently means we must all wake up every two hours at night and howl at the moon with runny noses. So I'm tired. To rejuvenate yesterday during nap time, I did the second-best thing to taking my own nap: I went shopping.

I'll repeat what I told Sean when I got home with a bag full of goodies from Gap: Few words have ever stirred such passion in my heart than "take an additional 50% off sale items."

Note to self: wear the pink sweater to Mass next week.

Now back to the other much more colorful ladies at Fine Linen and Purple. See? Purple. Color even in the name.


  1. I tend to wear a lot of netural colors as well....my wardrobe is basically full of blacks and browns and beiges with the occasonal pink thrown in. I think I'm totally stuck in the mindset that "black" is flattering, so I tend to wear A TON of black.

    You look really cute...the vest and brisk white shirt is a nice combination.

    Hooray for good sales and shopping!!

  2. Where's that $250 sweater vest and London Fog skirt you toted home from Cali last month? My Aunt Rita's motto: everyone always looks nice in an ironed white blouse. It was true 70 years ago and it's still true to this day.

  3. I know what you mean. I noticed at the beginning of the summer that my closet was all blacks and dark patterned dresses. I've been slowly building up some boldly colored scarves and necklaces and my most recent purchases (with coupons and from the clearance rack) were Old Navy laying tank tops. It's nice to have that pop of color, but I found that I was continually buying more and more black (there were just so many cute black items that I liked! who could blame me?). That being said, you look absolutely adorable. I love that polka dot shirt.

  4. Shopping really is the next best thing after a nap, isn't it? Sometimes it's even better. . . . I try to keep things minimal over here but man, sometimes a little retail therapy just hits the spot.

  5. I have been intentionally trying add more color to my wardrobe... I tend to gravitate toward neutrals! I love your polka dot shirt, though. And that pink sweater is cute!!

  6. I love your outfit! :)

  7. Ha, I totally have the same color palette as you this week - my scarves are my saving grace, otherwise my clothes are so monochromatic!!!