spaghetti squash how-to

Using a hammer to prepare dinner is ridiculous. And it kind of looks like the start to a bad horror movie. But I know of no other way to cut through hard meat of a spaghetti squash with such ease--and have it on the table in 12 minutes.

Since I can't cook regular (read: cheap) pasta for my family, it's either pricey gluten free pasta, or the nutritions, low-carb and high-nutrition alternative of squash. Squash is usually cheapest during the autumnal months, but it's still in season during the winter. So, grab your hardware and play along.

1. large knife + hammer: quarter the squash

Pierce the squash with the tip of your knife, then wiggle it lengthwise into the piercing. Use the hammer to pound the knife through the squash. Repeat for the other direction.

Once you have four quarters, cut them once again into eighths. Then use a fork and spoon to scrape and scoop out the seeds and guts.

2. glass pan + 1/2 inch water  + plastic wrap = microwave the squash

Arrange the squash pieces flesh-side down in water and cover with either a lid or plastic wrap. Microwave for five minutes, then remove covering. If the flesh is easily pierced by a fork and yields easily to scraping, remove from the pan. For any pieces that are still hard, recover and microwave another three minutes.

3. bowl + fork = scrape the squash
Scrape the squash off the skin and discard skin. Basic yumminess: add butter and salt/pepper.

Feeling fancy? Want to use it as a vehicle for more veggies? Need a one-pot meal? Add either:
- spaghetti sauce with mushrooms, zucchini and some spicy turkey sausage
- shaved parmesan and parsley
- cooked chicken and peas with a touch of garlic salt

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  1. Aren't winter squash rinds the worst? I almost cut my whole arm off once trying to get into an acorn squash. Truly ridiculous.

  2. Any dinner that includes a hammer as a prep tool has got to be a good dinner. :-)

    1. Agreed Cathy! Also, I loved your blog title so much, I included it in this week's quick takes. Hope you don't mind. :)

  3. Brilliant. I never thought of the hammer, and I HATE cutting squash.

    1. It seriously makes it soooo easy. And it's even pretty safe too, as long as you're not trying to juggle the butcher knife, hammer and iPhone (camera) all at once. I'm lucky I still have all my digits.