Hobbes sightings

You know why I appreciate having Hobbes in the house (or in the car)? He's always got that sincerely happy grin on his face. I just read Ana's post on resolving to smile more with her kids. I'm going to suggest she get herself a Hobbes, which would increase the smiling in house by 1/6 with very little effort on her part. :)

Here's the tiger himself, involved in tower building:

and playing race car (in which he unfortunately serves as vehicle):

and riding shotgun (at Joseph's request):

No longer having to squeeze yourself in between the carseats, Hobbes. Well played.

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  1. What a great stuffed friend! I grew up with a Steiff lion who obligingly played Winnie-the-Pooh to my Christopher Robin. He's currently enthroned in a place of honor in our cottage.