bare chicken breasts / rice-less fried rice

Tell me I'm not the only one often intimidated by a big package of bare chicken breasts sitting in the fridge.

Sean will get home from work, take over the kids, and I'll go to the kitchen to stare at that blank, meaty slate of boneless, skinless poultry.


Along with trying to make bird breasts tasty, I'm also trying to make our dinner veggies follow these guidelines. Because I like to make things difficult.

So with some broccoli and celery on hand, plus a smattering of slivered almonds and leftover green onions, I give you our dinner last night, which was low-carb, low-fat, quite surprisingly, delicious:

rice-less fried rice

1. chop broccoli / celery / garlic

Chop and set aside. Use a white or yellow onion too if there's one lying around. Next, chop a few green onions and set aside, separate from the big veggies.

2. slivered almonds + fry pan = toast 'em

Set on low while you're doing the rest of the chopping. In about 10 minutes they'll get a little brown and release some good nutty fragrance.

3. chop 1 lb chicken breast / stir fry on medium heat / add seasoning

In a large fry pan, pour in about 1 tablespoon olive oil. On medium heat, add the chopped chicken breast. Shake in some garlic salt, soy sauce (gluten free or otherwise), toasted sesame oil, onion powder and ground white pepper. When chicken is cooked through, transfer to a bowl and add a little more sesame oil back in the pan.

4. add veggies to pan / splash of soy sauce / whisk one egg

Once the veggies have cooked for about five minutes and are fork-tender, push aside a space in the middle of the fry pan and add your whisked egg. Once it's mostly scrambled,  mix it in with the veggies. Add the chicken back to the pan.

4. add toasted almonds and green onions / mix


I call this dish rice less fried rice; Sean called it almond chicken. I also call it The Best Off-The-Cuff Thing I've Made.

Seal of approval.

And the ultimate endorsement.

Sure, he's eating cutie slices here, not what's on his plate. But I take what I can get.

And my apologies to Cari for making yet another cooking post very loosely conform to the Theme Thursday rules. Head back to her place for better bare/bear posts!


  1. Ever since killing and cleaning one of our roosters, I've never been able to look at a bare chicken breast with anything other than profound gratitude that I wasn't the one who had to process it.

    Isn't it funny the emotions food triggers in us?

  2. Looks great. Love when spur of the moment meals work out. I call it kitchen Macgyver :) Is cabbage on your okay list? Stir fry with a cabbage base tastes like the inside of an egg roll.

  3. Chicken is my favorite but what I do to it wouldn't fit your approved list. But your dinner looks like it was very tasty!