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Don't ask my why I jump in my outfit pictures. I get nervous and know of nothing else to do that looks relaxed, confident or chic. So I jump. In heels. And pray I don't roll an ankle.

Dress: Kohl's
Tights: Fleece-lined from Marshall's (perfection when in WA, sweaty when in CA)
Beads: my Mom's
Sunshine: deliriously delightful

Christmas in California, when proceeded by winter in coooooold, cold Washington, is nothing less than heaven on earth. Add to that a few protein style burgers and my Mom's crazy good cabbage rolls (and of course the obvious joy of being at home with my family), and I've been one happy camper. 

My Mom puts so much work into making Christmas wonderful for the grandkids and big kids alike.  This year, my favorite act of Mrs. Claus magic she performed was getting each of the little kids a pair of Converse shoes. She has five or six pairs herself--they're something of a signature shoe for her (granted, that's because they fit her orthodic shoe inserts. But it doesn't hurt that they come in the best colors and are DARLING).

Love and laces.

Amby's the red pair on the left. I'm pretty sure his pants are falling off. He's my party animal. 

Two quick lines from the trip: 

Sean takes Joe to the bathroom on the airplane. Joe gets on the throne, looks around attentively and says, "Hey, is this potty flying?"

During a Christmas homily on St. Joseph, as Sean is whisper-explaining St. Joseph's importance in our lives into Joe's ear, Joe furrows his brow: "Wait. Am I St. Joseph??"

Maybe one day, sweet Joe-Joe!


  1. cute outfit! and the kid feet are so adorable!!

  2. I love the jumping photo! You look so cute and fun...like someone I'd love to hang out with!

    Your dress is beautfiul..and the converse sneakers are too funny.

    1. Hi Amelia! You're too kind--I have the feeling I'd love hanging out with you too :)

  3. Almost as good as a visit to Appomattox! xo!

  4. Some year you need to come to the caroling party, lady--we could use your beautiful voice!! Miss you.