theme thursday: lights

Linking up late to Theme Thursday at Clan Donaldson

I'm a Christmas light purist. Or maybe a Christmas light energy sucker. Because the only lights I will ever abide in my yard will be incandescent ceramic multi-colored C9s, and the only lights within will be incandescent mini white lights. 

I mean really--can the sweet warm glow of an incandescent C9 be beat? And at night, mini white lights indoors bring the stars down from the sky to my living room. 

Last month I told my Dad (of local lawn display fame) that in his will, I'd like him to bequeath his C9s to me, because I couldn't find them in any stores around here, or online. Queue him and my Mom toting three boxes of C9s (plus a box of replacements that they found in their local hardware store) some 1,000 miles to me last week when they flew here for Thanksgiving. 

Love in a carry-on. And love in a light. 


  1. Oh I love the C9's too. I wish I had some as they are the first thing I think of when I think Christmas lights. (And don't even get me started on the LED knockoff versions. No one is buying that nonsense.)

    1. If I knew how to do a rafflecopter thingy I'd have my parents buy more and then give them away, hopefully to you!

  2. Late but so worth the effort!