five favs: (cheaply) stuffing my own stocking

No, there will be no stocking at the fireplace with my name on it this year. Upside: I rationalize all impulse purchases as stuffers for the stocking I don't get to hang. Five things that make my Christmas morning (or any day in December) very merry:

This little guy's been greeting me on Christmas mornings for years. I prefer to eat him before a proper breakfast and anticipate a blood sugar crash by 8:30 a.m.

I don't often buy makeup, but when I do, I buy... bareMinerals. I've been waiting for a killer sale at Ulta to restock my usual powder foundation, so I needed something to tide me over. At $8.98 for 1.0 oz, this Almay CC Cream isn't exactly cheap, but it was one of the cheaper BB/CC creams on the shelves. Using just a tiny bit of it this morning was enough to make me look downright half-well-rested. Ho ho ho.

Daily. I wear mine daily. My Mom buys three or four of these at a time at her local Catholic bookstore. And when a friend, or a coworker, or even the clerk at the grocery store sees hers on her wrist and exclaims "Wow, that's the coolest bracelet," she just slips it off and hands it to them. Evangelizer, that one. Grab one for a cool $2.85 (and free Prime shipping) on Amazon.

So apparently every celebrity wears or wore these last year and they were THE thing. I have no idea if they're still popular but the idea of a hair tie that's both colorful and looks somewhat like a bracelet seems awesome. And if anything can be both a) useful and b) add some color to my daily attire that usually consists of jeans and t-shirts that are gray/beige/faded beige/beige that used to be white, I'm all for it.


Don't have either of these? Just stop reading this drivel right now and go order. I use one of these three daily, and for once, I am not exaggerating. Uses: scraping the dregs of the peanut butter jar, scrambling eggs in a non-stick pan, mixing the sugar topping for the Christmas crumb cake. I feel like I'll have fewer dishes to wash later if I just use miniature tools. But really. every. day.

These things are all fine and lovely, but Eartha and I'd also take:
a) a duplex
b) checks (sign your x on the line)
c) decorations bought at Tiffany's

but I did say this would be a cheaply filled stocking. So oh well.


  1. I just grabbed a few of those tied hair tie thingys. I can't seem to live without something to pull my hair back, and I cringe when I see pictures of me with the regular ones on my wrist since I always always always forget to take them off! I like how these ones look, too! I'll check out that CC cream. I'm always looking for something to make me look half-well-rested…or at least not-dead!

  2. That's so neat about your mom and the saint bracelets! Wow!

    And, I'm totally with you ont he chocolate and sugar induced coma before 8:30 AM on Christmas.

  3. When you wrote about your mom giving the saint bracelet to anyone to comments on it, I was sold. I'm not very good at sharing my faith and that seems like a great easy way evangelize!! Just bought 2!!