Seven Quick Takes: 24-hour defrost.

Linking up to Jen at Conversion Diary--Austin this July, anyone?

"It'll need to defrost for 24 hours," said refrigerator repair guy on day 2 of the ongoing Great Refrigerator Disaster, which began this week and won't end until next week.

So. We unplugged the fridge, then rigged a fan to blow on the back freezer wall to melt the wall of ice that's preventing the cold air from circling up to the 'fridge. I had to keep the milk and yogurt over ice in a cooler outside my back door for two days, so I'm praying our 40-degree November weather kept everything cold enough.

I might have to drink that wine and beer before they go bad, you know? Just in case. 

We finally watched all six episodes of Sherlock. Hello, gentlemen.

I expected the series to be rather grisly, but the suspense factor vastly outweighs the gore. In fact, I appreciated that the producers had the opportunity to be more graphic and declined. For instance, scenes featuring bodies being examined in the morgue rarely featured the faces or wounds of the dead. Small details, but they made the series that much more watchable and fascinating. The focus is on the mystery and thrill of the case, not the blood.

Needless to say, the kids are going to bed early on January 19. Mommy and Daddy have dates in Yorkshire and on Baker Street.

Amby must have cut 12 molars this week (or so it seemed).[--[][
'p  ø;'[[[[[[[[pnh'p['m''=]'''=,''

(Ironic that he climbed up to the open laptop on the table to pound out his feelings on the matter this morning while I was getting his brother dressed, and right after I typed that first line. Rather impressed he found that o thingy with the line through it.)

He's feeling a titch better.

How to fuse the idea of Santa's workshop and the Costco toy aisle is currently beyond my parenting skills.

Joseph: Will Santa bring me this airport for Christmas? Can we take it home with us now?

Mary: Well, we can't take it home today because Santa might need to come pick it up for you for Christmas... *realizes this sounds ridiculous and like Santa is dependent on Costco* Um, but you know... Oh, I don't know. Put it back and we're going to look at the Nativity set and ogle the ornaments.

Amby: Ba-ball!

The Domestic Apologist high five goes to the newly-elected (and quite publicly pro-life) president of the USCCB, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville. 

God bless him and all the work he has done and will do for Christ's Church.

I visited a prospective pre-school for Joseph this week. It can't be possible that he's old enough to go yet. Small mommy sob.

Mary: Joe, I went and met a teacher at a pre-school for you today.

Joe: That's my favorite teacher, Mom!

Mary: You haven't met her yet.

Joe: Oh, she's my favorite.

And I'll always love you too, Joe, even if I just became chopped liver.

Happy weekend!


  1. I really like the Sherlock reboot too! It took me a while to watch the second season--can't believe 3 is about to start!

  2. I love that you decided to keep the baby typing in the post!

    I hate all the how-to-balance-Santa-with-everything-else. We have a third grader who still believes. I told my husband it's time to have the talk with him. I found out in first grade and went, Shrug, so what? My husband found out in the 4th grade and it ruined Christmas that year. I think there's a lesson in this. LOL

  3. I second the Sherlock obsession, and pre-set date night.
    Also, Mo loves her teacher. She used to say "I want to be a Mommy when I grow up" now she says "I want to be a teacher!"
    Can we go "small Mommy sob" together somewhere?