7QT: Thanksgiving sides (gluten free), slides and asides.

I kicked off my week of Thanksgiving prep with a trip to the dentist for a cleaning, and subsequently, a cavity. So I'm enlisting extra help with brushing my pearly whites. 
The water spots on the really mirror really make this shot, agreed?

In looking at the classic recipes on my Thanksgiving dinner menu, they all scream "baked stuff that's been fighting for oven space and will probably get to the table lukewarm at best, and possibly room temperature." So I'm throwing in a salad as an outlier to that bunch. 

And now for a word on pie. Or rather, gluten free pie crust. Here are my deep, soul-stirring, culinary words of wisdom:

Pick a recipe and make it. 

Stop worrying about how it will turn out, or whether the sky will fall if it doesn't turn out as delicious as dad's crust (my dad makes killer crust, and any crust I make, gluten free or otherwise, will never rival his--because stuff is always better when either of my parents cook!). 

Just make it. People like having dessert. Period. 

I made this one last year for my pumpkin pie and it turned out better than acceptable (acceptable is where I set the bar when trying a new g-free recipe). 


Generous gifts from said parents for my birthday back in October sent me on a serious shopping spree. I nabbed this puffer vest for $15 during a Saturday store special, and I think I've worn it everywhere (including awkward photoshoots in the rain) except Mass. But hey, maybe with a string of pearls and a pencil skirt...


My Mom bought Joe this train hat from the incredible railroad museum in my hometown. He wears it nonstop. I'm tempted to go back this Christmas and get him in the next head size up, because I can't count the number people have said to him, "Wow kid, that's a great hat." To which he replies, "Oh, it suuuuuure is."


High temperatures this week topped at 36, so I think our days at the park are numbered. How difficult can it be to install a tire swing in our basement? 

For our final number, I bring you the brothers in slow mo:

 Whichever brother doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I say. 
Now go back to Conversion Diary and find something more cohesive/coherent/creative to read. :) Gobble gobble. 

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