Stay at home, mom.

I lost my keys. Again. This makes it three times in three years, I believe. I would let my husband snicker at me, however, only one of us has locked the keys inside of a still-running parked car, and walked away for 2 hours, unawares. So laugh it up, helpmate. :)

Mary: Joe, do you know where my keys are?
Joe: Yes!!
Mary: Where?
Joe: I don't know!!

But of course it's no laughing matter; replacement keys and car fobs and all that make losing mommy's keys a pricey endeavor. And while I am 98% sure they're in the house somewhere, there's still not in my hands. Ugh. Sean returns tonight from a business trip, and with him returns the spare key to my car. Meaning: I lost my keys yesterday and had to stay at home. All day. With the boys. AT HOME. Like a real stay at home mom.

As a general rule, we go out every day. Groceries, Walmart, terrorize the small caged animals at Pet Smart, fight over swings at the park, etc. Until now, we've never lived in a stand-alone house, and staying home all day seemed like a punishment. And even now our home isn't large by any means.

But today, we stayed put. I didn't force Amby into taking a too-early morning, nap, just so we could get out the door before noon. Today I sat with Joe and read books during Amby's nap, instead of cramming oatmeal down his gullet so as to assuage my fears of him being hungry once we started our errands. Today I didn't cram a howling-in-protest Amby into a car seat when all he wanted to do was chase baseballs around the patio (he's part puppy).

I liked it.

I wouldn't do it every day. But I liked it.

Now begins the dreaded 4-8pm time slot. If we can get through the rest of the day without feeling like this, I'll consider it a win.


  1. Love, love, love this! And congrats on the new place. Not sharing walls makes all the difference in the world!

  2. oh I loved this! It made me laugh and nod my head. Thank you.
    I'm like you, a "stay-at-home" mom who doesn't like staying home for too long. ;)