7qt / Fall baby.

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Honest question: Who doesn't "love fall"? I cannot count how many paragraphs I've read online in the past two weeks regarding how folks just adore:
- wearing sweaters and boots
- collecting leaves, pine cones and other falling bits
- making some sort of home adornment out of said bits
- carving pumpkins and then giving them baths to preserve their designs

Yes. Baths. Now, in no way do I mean be an autumnal scrooge, quite the opposite! I'm a fall baby with a birthday at the end of this month. I could spend the whole of October in this pose:

And I do whatever possible to ensure that each fall weekend is spent doing this:

Pa-pa patch photos through the years
However. Saying you love fall is akin to saying you love:

- puppies
- warm chocolate chip cookies
- the smell of bread baking
- wood floors
- an open floor plan (Sorry for that one. Too much House Hunters around here).

I know. We (pretty much) all love fall. I just find it funny we say it so darn much.

I barely have energy to throw my own kids in the bath each night. Ain't no way my pumpkin is getting a soak. But wow, I do admire the effort.

I've noticed that every single piece of Eddie Bauer clothing I own looks essentially as good now as it did when I bought it. Fall exhibit A:

I think my Mom bought me this red corduroy vest for Christmas about six or seven years ago. I wore it today and felt just as fall-photoshoot-cool in it today as I did then. Well. Almost as cool. I don't think I showered today so that dampened the effect.

Reading some makeup reviews today, I fell into the trap of thinking I should go out today and buy the recommended product, even though I have plenty of decent face moisturizer, foundation, concealer, blush and mascara to make me look more or less awake when I leave the house each day. I am lucky to have such luxuries to smear on my face each morning, because there are plenty of women that can't afford those things. So, there you go. 

Amby just hates being outside these days.


We've been renting a beautiful home for almost two months now, and I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for it. After going to see so many homes and being so disappointed with either the features or the price, I began to feel like we'd never find something decent for our boys. On the way to this home, I prayed out loud to our Blessed Mother: "Please Mother, if this is the right home for our family, please help us get it. And if it's not, well, in the immortal words of Fr. Spitzer, let it crash and burn." Thankfully, it was the former.

Joseph's excited to assist in the carving of his first pumpkin, on or around Halloween. Until then, it sits and greets the mailman each day.

Happy fall. Now go put on some boots.


  1. Two DA posts in as many days? Good week! Feedly is doing it's job.

  2. Hahaha, thank you Kevin :)

  3. i love open floor plans :) and puppies. and your kitchen sink. just sayin.

  4. LOL!! I laughed out loud at #2. Yeah. The vegetables don't get bathed until my kids do...so it might be a while.

    These were so fun to read. Thanks so much for joining in!

    1. MANY thanks for visiting Jen! I just started watching the first episode of Minor Revisions--wonderful. Love the insight into your faith, home and scorpion attacks. :)