G-free review: Ready to bake Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough.

I threw a bucket of the new Pillsbury refrigerated gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough in the basket of my stroller last week. At least at the grocery stores in my area, it's the only ready-to-bake gluten free cookie dough product out there.

Little Joe and I cracked the tub open yesterday morning and scooped out six tablespoonfuls of the goodness onto a cookie sheet. I had every intention of giving him one and having one myself, then saving one for Baby A (who took a morning nap yesterday, thereby allowing said cookie baking). 


And a little up-close look at the goodness:

Hmmmmmmmmmm. Little Joe escaped with two. Baby A... he'll just have to sample them another time. 

Appearance: Lovely. Though the directions called for 10-12 minutes of baking, I pulled mine out by nine minutes--plenty brown for my taste. 

Texture: Slightly grainy around the edges (typical of pre-made dough), but soft and chewy inside. 

Difficulty in preparation: Nil, duh! The Betty Crocker gluten free choco chip cookie mix yields both a slightly more delicious cookie and 8-10 more cookies per batch compared to this pre-made dough, but I readily admit to loving the benefit of a home-baked cookie without the mess of raw-egg contaminated mixing bowl and spoon. Yeah I know. But this blog is the domestic apologist, not the domestic dish-doing diva. 

Cost: Fred Meyer's shelf price for a tub is $4.99, but the little computer fairies in Fred Meyer's system spit out a $1 off coupon for me at the check stand a few weeks ago, dropping my price to $3.99. And I just saw the dough on sale at another local grocer for $3.79. Compare that to $3.99-$6.70 (!!!) for a dry cookie mix (to which you add the price of butter and eggs), I consider this a pretty good deal. 

Rating: Cheap G-Free Gold Star, when bought on coupon or on sale. 

So there it is. Confession: I may or may not have baked six more with Sean last night. Don't tell Baby A. 

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