Five Favorites from the big 3-0.

It happened! I turned 30 and didn't go up in a poof of three-decade old smoke. Five favorites from the occasion:

1. Let them eat you-know-what

A devoted friend made us both dinner and a delicious gluten-free birthday cake. This truly constitutes four gifts: dinner, cake, no cooking, no cleaning up. Score.

2. Happy feet

A house with nothing but wood floors means momma needed some fuzzy, arch-supporting foot love. Plus, these bad boys have such thick soles, I can accidentally step on a lego without howling and cursing. Well done hubby. 

3. Birthday florals

Getting flowers from a man never gets old, does it? Second well done, hubby.

4. Giving up on the turning-30 angst. 

I tried over and over to write something insightful about where I am in life, i.e., the SAHM route with two little kids and no significant outside-the-home job or cause to speak of. But every time I tried, it sounded like a privileged-lady rant, like a woman who's been blessed with 99 things and then complaining that she doesn't have that one extra blessing, that one blessing that someone else has, and she doesn't, and how it's not fair. If I've learned anything, it's to count my blessings, right now, today. To play the cards you're dealt, dammit (a favorite maxim from my beloved Grandpa Les). You never know when the next shoe is going to drop, when a baby's going to start throwing up, when you're about to break a custom cabinet door in a rental home...

So I'm grateful, so very grateful to God for this year. For another day. For the contractor that called me back to tell me which custom cabinet shop made these doors so I can replace the bleeping thing.  

5. These boys.  

On the phone yesterday with my Mom, I thanked her for giving me my birthday. Maybe, when these boys are adults, I'll call them on their birthdays and they'll say the same thing. And I'll tell them, just like my Mom tells me, that they were and are my joy.

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  1. I'm 31 and still trying to come to terms with turning 30. ;) I like what you said. I think I was going to try and write something about it but came up with the same thing as you. Thanks for the good reminders about just loving life where we are.
    ~ Erika Marie via Mama needs coffee