Five Favorites for kiddos at Mass.

Linking up today with Moxie Wife for her weekly Five Favorites. These are our five top things to take to Mass for our boys which are:

- mostly quiet
- mostly non-edible
- mostly non-distracting to fellow worshipers
- mostly able to fit into an already jam-packed diaper bag

This padre goes by the name "Father Blessing" in our house, and he's kept both of our boys quiet for significant periods during Mass. For a while, Little Joe liked looking at the vocation booklet that accompanies Father Juan, but more interesting to both boys has been the small Mass kit attached to his arm. My Mom got this for Little Joe a couple years ago but he's still in great condition. Plus it usually impresses the heck out of the actual priest saying Mass. :)

Vivid and engaging illustrations have made this book an essential Mass companion. It's on the heavy side, but with so many stories and pictures to pour over, Joseph always finds something new to ask about. Usually from the Old Testament and usually in that all-too-quiet pause between the Gospel and the homily. (In his loudest whisper voice): "Momma! That giant just fell over! Can you give him a kiss to help him feel better?"

Love these. Classic old school illustrations with narration that shows such reverence for the Eucharist, the Trinity and all the saints. We have My Picture Missal and one on St. Joseph. I plan to pick up a few more at our local Catholic bookstore before Christmas for stocking stuffers.

4. Long beaded necklaces

More important for when 6-month-old babies need to be entertained during Mass, I still find a long dangly necklace a nice distraction for Amby (18 mo). Nothing says "bait to keep little hands busy and quiet" like colorful beads on a long chain attached to mom's neck. Plus it beats having an earring ripped out, no?

5. The Sippy Cup

When all else fails (and it most always does by the Great Amen), we whip out a sippy cup filled with water.

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  1. I've seen all of these things in action during mass and they're great! Fr. Blessing is great.