The pie is served.

Life is a pie chart. Some women and mothers cannot only divide up their pie chart with astounding efficiency and fairness, but they create more slices of the pie out of thin air, just because the situation calls for it.

Someone named Tenneva Jordan (a Google search still doesn't tell me much about who she is or was) is quoted thusly saying:
"A mother is a person who, seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie."
I don't dish pie well. My slices are uneven. And being pregnant means I'm likely to want about four pieces for myself.

All this pie talk, besides making me crave my dad's homemade vanilla whipped cream, comes from realizing it's been about a month since I've sat down and written something online or posted a timely article to my Facebook page.

The hiatus began as a result of pie, of course. Thanksgiving at home in California meant time to escape the cold, bake gluten-free sweet potato biscuits and watch The Sing Off with my parents. No time to blog when Pentatonix is rocking "Video Killed the Radio Star."

Returning back to life in Spokane meant we immediately began a new phase of Sean's treatment--low dose allergen shots. For three days surrounding the shots, Sean had to eat a strict diet: cooked carrots, yams, celery, turnips and potatoes, seasoned with only salt, and no oils or butter.

Oh. And he could also eat lamb, rare fish, venison, and rabbit. Yes. Rabbit. For three days.

So my Thanksgiving vacation of avocado and turkey sandwiches and creamy green bean casserole ended with me calling our local Spokane butcher shop and meekly asking, "Um, yeah, do you guys carry... rabbit?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Ok, how much does rabbit cost per pound?"


"Ah, great. And, um... how much does a rabbit usually weigh? And can you cut one up for me?"

"They're about two pounds, ma'aam. And no, we can't."

After three days of fish patties "fried" in water, fatty lamb chops and one attempt at rabbit stew, Sean's diet mercifully ended. He's feeling no different, though he has a new appreciation for his wife after watching her hack off the hind quarters of Bugs Bunny.

I thought my pie might begin to empty out again. It hasn't, really.

Various other distractions and blessings have filled the days since--a good and much-missed friend returning to town and staying with us a bit; a slew of OB appointments and babysitting swaps, and a grueling traveling work schedule for Sean.

I'm maintaining daily life with my little man, preparing for Christmas, praying and working toward the day when we get to live closer to my family, and fostering the 20-week-old who kicks and fidgets hourly in my expanding womb. The pie is still full. But at least I dished out a slice to you today, dear reader.


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  1. as always, love your post! I read the "bugs bunny" quote out loud to john :-) I bow to you, oh supreme mistress of the kitchen, whose prowess in rare fish and rabbit is unsurpassed! a modern-day, proverbs 31, rabbit-cooking Domestic Apologist :)