A little light-switch encouragement.

I'm not a classically "tidy" person. I like order and cleanliness, oh yes! But I also like leaving bits of memories scattered about my home, just like I used to do in my work office spaces (when my life included them).

So on my bookcases, I leave pretty note cards, sent by friends and family. In the frames of my bathroom and dresser mirrors, I deposit holy cards from funerals, weddings and ordinations (truth: I picked this habit up from my mother). And on my light switches, I tape up scrap paper bearing words of wisdom I should remember.

Here's what caught my eye tonight.

Oh Jesus, my Lord, help me.
Let what you have planned before all ages happen to me. 
I am ready at each beckoning of your holy will.
- St. Faustina Kowalska

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