Welcome to the wide, wide world

Resolutions for the new year notwithstanding, I'm beginning this little blog as a personal experiment (and that has to be the most unique reason ever for starting a blog, ha). After being rightly schooled in honors high school English that every thesis paper must indeed have a clear, easy-to-find and one-sentence thesis statement, I whittled down my focus to this: apologetics, from the (relatively) young and (hopefully) domestic view.

What kind of apologetics? Faith. Dignity of life. Dignity of personhood. Dignity of motherhood, womanhood and sainthood. What kind of domesticity? A rented abode shared with a most kind husband, a well-stocked kitchen and a bun in the oven (there's the motherhood part).

Whether it gets read, whether it ever matters or whether it lasts more than a day, here it is. L'chaim.

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