interview: ditch the perfection and boil the pasta already

I get to add a new title to my dusty ol' resume: momager.

Has everyone heard that term before? Just not me? I love it. My good friend John is the broadcast operations director at Mater Dei Radio in the Pacific Northwest. For whatever reason, he's decided to keep bringing this momager on the air to talk about the finer arts of, errr, how to make a salad for dinner, and the joys of grocery shopping ALONE. 

Oh, the deep, deep joys.

We also discuss how aiming for perfection in motherhood and household management--and how toxic it is. 

Many thanks to Mater Dei Radio. The full morning podcast (which I listen to even when I'm, ahem, not on the program, because it's terrific) is available HERE and my little interview with John is HERE


  1. How am I just finding out that you've been on a podcast on the regular?! Can't wait to listen!

    1. Oh it's not regular--it's just my second one! I feel like such an imposter doing them. Like, you guys, don't you want someone who knows what they're talking about on the radio?? :)