7qt / what I'm loving right now from walmart

I know. Everyone's so glad I began blogging again so I could write these kinds of inspiring posts. : /

I took a leap in December and rounded up every fashion blog to which I was subscribed--all of which engaged in significant wailing and written tantruming after the presidential election--and clicked "unfollow." Quite liberating.

In the wake of that decision, I no longer read about ladies who spend $180 on jeans, $200 on purses and $300 on shoes without batting a mascara-ed eye. Bully for them, but that kind of spending isn't me now, nor do I think it ever will be. It's not a judgement on their spending. It's a reflection of the reality of mine.

What is my reality? Walmart. I love the Savings Catcher feature on their app and have gotten $20-something back to date. I shop there for groceries, household goods and occasionally... clothes. Gasp. Here's what I'm loving right now from the big blue box store:

1 / french terry dress

I bought this one (for $14.88) and have worn it a million times already. Love the length and neckline. Thinking about getting the blue.

2 / colored chambray popover shirt

Current momiform: button down shirt, sweater, jeans. Daily. I want this one in peach stripe.

3 / woven cami

Love this $5 cami. The cut is, shall we say, forgiving, especially for when I was 8 weeks post-partum. This black cami + lightweight cardigan + long necklace was my casual rehearsal dinner outfit for a wedding last October.

4 / pioneer woman vintage bloom kitchen towels 2-pack

Drool. I'll take one of everything she made for this line. All so cute.

5 / pioneer woman country garden rug

As I was saying. One of everything.

6 / Novogratz vintage tufted sofa sleeper

We're in the market for a loveseat. We're also in the market for a new roof, hence the idea of saving our $$$ and buying an inexpensive sleeper sofa sight unseen (say THAT five times fast). But the reviews are great, and that blue color is wooing me! Abbie at M is for Mama is eyeing the pink one.

7 / boys color block rainboot

Amby is my boot lover and woe to the mommy who fails to have his boots ready on a rainy day. I bought him these for $12 but now I see they're down to $9.98!

Happy shopping!

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  1. This post is great! I need to unfollow all those fashion blogs too! How is it helpful for me to pin jeans and sweaters and dresses I'll never buy? :) Not to mention the political angst. ;)
    And thanks for Walmart recs! I love a bathing suit I bought there but never would have without the recommendation. You never know what will turn out to be great there!

    1. hahaha yaaaas, the political angst. Before November it was just our sartorial budgets that separated us. Now my feed is filled both with unattainable couture and stories of women weeping into their HRC coffee mugs on November 10th. Literally.

      Mary, how is that sofa from Walmart????? I'm shocked and speechless and going to beg my husband to let us buy one, because we're in a hou$$$$$e in need of some seriously fixing, but our basement family room has 2 single wooden ikea kids chairs to crouch on.

  2. Umm..Yes! That couch! Cute dress! And yes, there's a Walmart near us that I frequent for late night random needs - diapers because, couugh, I dropped the ball on the cloth for our third, cough - anyways..That couchn I'm super tempted. Super super tempted. We need to get our house in order post Christmas travels + holidays (pray for us) which were hoping to do this Wknd. I'm hoping this clean up includes a trip to Ikea bc they have these functional grow with your kid desks on the cheap and I want bc I'm over all the stuff on our dining table! Anyways, can I just say I'm soooo happy you're sharing again! All the yay!

  3. Oh I loved this post & love me some Walmart!! That couch is amazing!!!

    1. The couch gets alllll the heart eyes :) 😍

  4. I don't care what anyone says. I love clothes from Walmart. Love em!