5 best store-bought gluten free snacks

There are few snacking experiences more unsavory than buying a bag of $6 gluten-free pretzels and finding that their taste remarkably resembles stale hay and their texture calls to mind sea-salted sand.

I speak from a wealth of gluten-free snacking experience. Learn from my mistakes (and my husband's "great goggly moogly!" expressions upon seeing my grocery bills).

Bonus: Save for the pretzels, all of these options are less than $3.50 each. Why are the pretzels expensive? Heck if I know. They're just pretzels, after all!

There's a reason I only buy these cookies in single-serve packs. I'd inhale a larger bag of them just as quickly.

There's no shortage of gluten-free chips in the world--obviously corn and potatoes are as gluten-free as you can get. But Barbara's Cheese Puffs are like the sophisticated yet hippie granola aunt to the tawdry, neon-orange Cheeto. Eat them and feel like the hippie, classy aunt.

Ever have those English Tea Sandwich cookies by Mother's? Ever been ADDICTED to those cookies for your entire childhood, only to eventually learn that those little gluten-ladden puppies were the root of your digestive distress? Ever had to give up all (decent-tasting) sandwich cookies and RUE THE DAY you ever had your first one, because you've never found a suitable replacement?

Yeah. Vanilla Chex tastes a heck of a lot like English Tea Sandwich cookies. I should hoard it in my basement for after the bomb drops.

More than just a salt vehicle, this sturdy chip can hold up under a dip or makes a fine layer in a pretzel/little cheese/little turkey sandwich.

I get these cuties at Fred Meyer, but I wonder if they're in Kroger stores around the country. They're half as expensive as the Annie's brand gluten free crackers, and come in a bigger bag.

Soooo, these are my go-tos. What am I missing? What's the greatest gf snack I haven't discovered yet? Tell me and share the love.

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  1. I had some stomach issues in college, so I went gluten free for a year. Totally cleared things up, and luckily, I was able to reintroduce gluten into my diet. But, my favorite treat was always these cookies: http://www.pamelasproducts.com/products/cookies-and-biscotti/simplebites-mini-cookies/chocolate-chip-mini-cookies/

    I'm actually craving them right now!

    Thank you for linking up with me :)