gluten free meal plan

Skinnytaste, how I love thee. And thy photography.

Nell is leading the Saturday Meal Planning Revolution, so I shall join her ranks--not because I enjoy planning our family's meals, but because I save a ton of money when I do.

AND FURTHERMORE, when I meal plan, I get to avoid that awful, panicky, cold-sweat feeling in the meat department of the grocery store, as Amby tries to dive head first out of the cart, Joe asks me for the 95th time if we can go get that flippin' free cookie from the bakery, and I stare frantically at a display of raw chicken.

The sum of my wisdom: Drumsticks. When panicking, never buy drumsticks.

Baked chicken (you know I love 'em)

Mashed faux-tatoes (links to a Nom-Nom Paleo recipe, or...)
My recipe: Chop and steam a head of cauliflower. Drain out all water; let cauliflower "dry" a bit. Add salt and pepper, 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder, plus 1-2T butter. Use a stick blender to mix. Add a dash of milk if needed. 
Green beans sautéed with garlic and butter

Chicken, Shiitake, and Wild Rice Soup (Use leftover chicken; sub rice flour for regular flour. My thanks to Skinnytaste for having a ton of low-cal soup recipes of which I will be pilfering shamelessly all winter long.)

Leftover soup? 

Celebrating a family birthday--take-out!

Dijon pork cutlets (deceptively simple, incredibly delish, thank you Weight Watchers) 

Steamed broccoli

Bag salad 

Chili. (Maybe some cornbread too, contingent upon me also buying honey; cornbread is worthless without ample butter and honey on top.)

Head over to Nell's to plan your week's worth of meals, too--and resolve to not be held hostage by raw drumsticks ever again.


  1. I'm literally just copying and pasting yours. So thanks for enabling me :)

  2. It's funny I actually keep meaning to buy drumsticks because the kids love them so much!!! But I don't, so I don't know how that would work out :P

    And chili! I want chili so badly but I know it'll end poorly with this crazy heartburn... That's first on my list post-pregnancy!