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On home organizing: "Discard everything that does not 'spark joy.'"

If them's the rules, I throwing out my Spanx. (NYT)

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Homeschooled 8-year old opens own checking account; keeps balance and makes withdrawals. If anything had my Joseph written all over it, it's this. (oh crap. potty training)

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"Mixed in amongst a slew of lies about the status of unborn life, the feminists offer a reassuring dose of reality. Sometimes, pregnancy stinks." (First Things)

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Nell is meal planning, and I'm all-in. I joined her with my gluten-free meal plan last Saturday, and am planning on joining her again tomorrow! (Whole Parenting Family)

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George Clooney's wife took his last name, yada yada yada. All I have to say is: the woman has the most perfect teeth I think I've ever seen. (Verily Mag)

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MUST READ: Calah Alexander takes on the Ebola Intellectual Elite, and it is equal parts epic, brilliant and absolutely scathing:

"Most people don’t believe anything you’re saying to us about Ebola anymore. Further, there are plenty of doctors who have publicly admitted that our fears are not unfounded, because the “science” of Ebola is far from settled. You cannot regain our trust and avert public hysteria by mocking our fear from your Science towers." (Patheos)
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They're saying that assisted-suicide advocate Brittany Maynard wants to live. Keep praying for her. (Patheos)

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