5 dishwashing-marathon playlists / amazon prime music

Doing the dishes--you can see it as either an evening drudgery, or some treasured alone time!

Ha. Haaa. Hahahhahahahahahhahahhaa.

Not really. At all times (at least for me), dish-doing is a both/and proposition--an evening drudgery during which I usually get to be alone. So, why not make the most of it, eh? I present my top five Amazon Prime playlists for getting the job done. They fall into two camps:

a. toe tapping / motivating, or
b. soul-sucking / emotional / reflective / heartbreaking.

Take your pick. That's just how I scrub.

This all-purpose playlist goes from "Love Shack" to John Legend's immediate classic "All of Me" without missing a, err, beat. I usually skip the first two tracks (Prince's "Kiss" and The Romantics' "What I Like About You") and go straight to "Groove is in the Heart." Wooooo! Makes me almost wish I had booked the DJ instead of the four-piece jazz/classics band for my wedding.

Almost. But not quite.

Mood: Sing-along, feel-good, pretend-you're-a-guest-and-eating-cake booty shake.

Those Amazon Prime writers are so very clever. Playlists description: "Find what you're looking for in this playlist featuring our favorite early U2 songs." Kick off your dishwashing with "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and get yourself to bed by the time "With or Without You" plays--because by that time, your mate will probably be going to bed (with or without you).

Mood: surging emotions (like pride, desire, or anything in the name of love, etc... ha).    

I'm showing my age here. Cake (a Sacramento band, oh yes) takes me back to my high school days--or at least, all of the selectively happy memories of them. Plus, this playlist throws in some Ben Folds Five, a little Eve 6, a dash of Barenaked Ladies and a sprinkling of Modest Mouse.

Mood: toe-tapping, soul-sucking, righteous indignation. Just like high school.

My Ryan Adams kick began a few years ago when I first heard "Desire" on a West Wing episode (have ya binge-watched all of The West Wing yet, also on Prime? No? Get on that). Since then, my love for the American troubadour and his smooth fusion of rock, country and ballad has only grown. Pardon the language contained in the refrain, but "Come Pick Me Up" is one of my faves. A little Pete Yorn and Josh Ritter round out the list.

Mood: reflecting on every failed love lost (while scouring the stovetop like it deserves it).

Remember my hyperventilation at finding that Prime had included EVERY track of Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook in their Prime albums?

Well. Upon finding this playlist, I basically passed out.

Seen any of the following movies? And by "seen," I mean "watched a minimum of 106 times?" And by "watched a minimum of 106 times," I also mean "and bought the corresponding soundtrack for each  movie because the songs elicit such feelings of joy and love in your heart?"

When Harry Met Sally - Pretty Woman - My Best Friend's Wedding 
You've Got Mail - It Could Happen To You

Mood: Don't cry, Shopgirl. Just hit play.

So again, I say: Go forth and give 'em all a listen!

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  1. Oooh thanks for the recommendations! We just got Prime and so I guess I *have* to make use of all it has to offer... ;)

  2. Hmmmm these might be better options than my current default of Gilmore Girls...