maternity clothes math

In the shopping aberration of the century, the boys and I had an EXTRAORDINARILY successful trip to Goodwill. In 12 minutes, we scored new salt/pepper shakers, two train books, a barely-worn sweater for Joe AND a pair of seemingly-new Old Navy maternity jean jeggings (or leggings?) for me, for a grand total of $10.82.

I bought the jeans without trying them on and without finding a size tag in them. The waist looked to be size "extra plenty;" and big enough to accommodate the low-hanging watermelon that is my belly.

Tried them on at home--success. Nay, perfection. Maybe a little on the loose side, but since I've still got 8 weeks to go, that's a good problem to have.

Then, as I took off the blessed garment, I found that size tag. HA.

Is it fine to be a size 14? Well duh. Of course it is. But is it a shock to be a pre-pregnancy size of about 8, then to be wearing not only a size 14, but a maternity size 14, with plenty of weeks to go? YES, IT IS A SHOCK.

Maternity clothes/sizes are basically a crapshoot, so I'm issuing a new formula for determining your numerical maternity size, at least for Old Navy.

Take your pre-pregnancy size: 8

Add your trimester: 3

Add which number this baby is in your lineup: 3

In the words of Peg + Cat: Problem solved! The problem is solved!


  1. Haha! Taking notes on that arithmetic for the next pregnancy! ;)

  2. We love Peg + Cat! "I'm TOTALLY FREAKING OUT!"
    And you do NOT look like a size 14! I wish I could be there to rub your bump :)

  3. Old Navy Maternity runs small! (At least that's what I've been telling myself). You look wonderful. And although there is absolutely nothing wrong with a 14, you do not look like a 14. :) Home Stretch.

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