week's best clicks / 07

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Poor Sandra Fluke. Her campaign to get elected to the California state senate is going so badly, she had to loan the campaign $100,000 of her own money. (Don't ask her why she couldn't even afford her own birth control just a few years ago.)

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Iron your clothes. Hang them outside. Put on an apron. Make the beds. It just might change your life, you housewife you.

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These contemplative Down Syndrome sisters in France "scatter flowers for Jesus."

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The best thing I read all week, maybe all month; it begins with a baby dying right after birth: "If this baby's death does not matter, no death matters."

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My friend James is now a columnist at the Say Anything Blog. I plan to get famous by association.

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"I like being in a big family because the inside family jokes aren't always about you."

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I've already exposed my weakness for cheap crayons at back-to-school sales; Lacy tells me this is fine.

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  1. I was concerned that when you wrote "cheap crayons" you meant off-brand crayons, which are not worth the paper they're wrapped. Phew. Glad I was wrong on that one! Where do you think I can get an ironing board like Aunt Leila's? I'm certain it would aid my housewifeliness.

  2. I love your quick-takes. Especially #2. Needed that on our Saturday at home!