five faves / oh baby

Greetings and salutations!

And, surprise!

Top five moments of new baby's in-utero life thus far:

1. Breakfast

The morning I suspected I was pregnant, I decided to scramble some eggs. Cracked open an egg into a bowl, and boom: double yolk. Hmmm.

Took pregnancy test. Positive.

Four mornings later, I make eggs again. Crack open egg.


Say a Hail Mary and wonder how many infant onesies you need for twins.

2. Ultrasound

First OB visit and 8-week ultrasound showed just one guest hanging out, but I really had my doctor going with the whole double-double-yolk story. 

3. IAS

I developed serious Internet Aversion Syndrome for the first trimester. Ever heard of it?

It's when the familiar and ever-present car-sick, queasy feeling of pregnancy intrudes upon your sole escape from reality--namely, blogs and online shopping. I hear that people with car sickness are supposed to either drive the car or try and look at the horizon. Anytime I tried to look down at my phone and scroll through Instagram, or sit with the laptop and compose a post, it was like doing that while sitting in the far-back of a 15-passenger van, hurling down Lombard Street in San Francisco.

Close to the halfway point of cooking this baby, and IAS has almost completely abated. Favorite thing ever.

4. Boy/girl

My favorite part of delivery with both Joseph and Ambrose was the moments after each baby came out, and I'm lying back, thoroughly exhausted, totally spent, eyes closed, and I hear Sean say: It's a boy!

I labor for those words. They're my reward. So even though the big anatomy ultrasound is coming up fast, I don't think we'll find out the gender.

5. Gobble gobble

I'm due in November.

In lieu of baby gifts, please send pans of my favorite gluten-free stuffing for Thanksgiving. :)

And now, a Domestic Apologist PSA.

I've thought about this site every day since beginning my little pregnancy-imposed blogging sabbatical. In the very early weeks of this baby's existence (and the most potent IAS), I still forced myself to write posts, all the while wanting to either throw up or go lay down and close my eyes. Awful. Why was I making myself do it? Who was I doing it for?

So I stopped.

I gave up the pursuit of new readers, the affiliate links and, to be honest, the hope of making more of a name for myself (and this blog) before the Edel Gathering.

But, surprise (another one)! I took up other things--like reading the news! (Something I did religiously before I read blogs.) And reading books! (More on that tomorrow.)

And, I did something I told myself I'd do long ago but never did: I cleaned out my blog reader and unsubscribed from anything that wasn't enriching my day or bringing me life.

This isn't to say that one can't read both blogs and news, blogs and books, blogs and make sure each blog was contributing, not detracting, to one's spirit. Indeed, so many lovely ladies with awesome blogs do just that.

But somehow, it wasn't working for me. And getting pregnant again proved that. In my nauseated haze, I pruned back my intake of online information almost to nothing. When I felt well enough to begin reading again, I started slowly. It all came back to what was bringing me life, as I was growing a new life within me.

One of my most favorite things about blogging is that you can stop, whenever, for whatever reason, and the world goes on--or as the New York Post would say, the republic still stands. I like that.

Anyway. I'm happy to be looking at the blinking cursor again, happy to be gestating, happy to be able to stand on my soap box (or diaper box, as Jim Gaffigan would say) from time to time. And thank you, as always, for clicking over here. Now join me in eating some carbs.

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  1. Hi Mary! Do you know that you're my very first linker-upper EVER?!?!?! How sweet! Now you will always have a special place in my heart:)
    The thing about the egg yolks is interesting and hilarious! Like, I LOVE that you told your dr that! That's so funny!
    I really like what you said about cutting back on blog stuff. I read some great stuff recently about how facebook and email can stop us from creating, because those things can steal our time. Great food for thought, especially for an fb addict like myself.
    Thanks for linking up, Mary! I look forward to getting to know you better!:)

    1. OH MamaH!! Thank you for popping over here. I must say, being your first linker-upper is going to be my claim to fame for a while... Got to find a way to incorporate that into my schnazzy Edel shoes. :) Carry on good woman!

  2. Yay!!! I actually clicked over here the other day because I thought, "Hmmmm Mary hasn't posted in forever... Either she's pregnant or she just got deleted from my feed somehow." Wham, bam, thank you ma'am, pregnancy radar is working just fine!

    Congratulations :) :) :)

  3. Many many many congratulations, friend! I'm glad to hear about anything good coming from the difficulties of first trimesters!

    1. ...in addition to babies themselves ;)

  4. Congrats on your pregnancy! I'm over here from Heather's.
    I love your comments about 'what am I doing this for?' and I can so, so relate. Been there myself. A trifold focus on books more than blogs, a very limited Feedly subscription, and a conscious embracing of obscurity (more about that here) have helped a lot. Still a battle, but one I generally feel I'm winning.
    Look forward to reading more :)

  5. Congratulations! The picture is adorable!