week's best clicks / 03

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First things first: Make this the year you show corned beef and cabbage who's boss (the Pioneer Woman won't let you down).

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Catholic Vote makes a list of all the Church teachings Pope Francis has changed in his first year. *crickets*

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Perfect lip color is hard to come by. Kate at The Small Things Blog tries out some perfect (if pricey) winners.  

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Banish the fleece and bring in the light-weight raincoats, PLEASE. 

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Bill Donohue of The Catholic League defends the annual St. Patrick's Day parade in New York: "But just as gays can march, so can pro-lifers and NRA members; they simply must blend in like everyone else. No one feels victimized save for homosexuals." 

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I can't imagine this slow cooker vanilla pear butter making my house smell anything less than heavenly.

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I need to become friends with an open-front cardigan one of these days, according to Dweej (and in these matters, I trust her totally). 

Linking up to Conversion Diary's 7 quick takes, and thanking sweet Bonnie for the link!

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