somehow or other it came just the same!

As a clear example of my scholarly leanings, this won't be the first post I've written which has drawn inspiration from that classic tome of great literature, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Swap me for the protagonist and insert "stomach flu" for Christmas, and you've got our house today:

[She] hadn't stopped [the stomach flu] 
from coming--it came!
Somehow or other 
it came just the same!

You'd think that by March 1, there'd be a general truce between every kind of icky winter virus and the human race, but no. Here we are today.

Like every other mother this winter (and every mother in winters before me), I'm praying the buck stops with my little Amby, that the rest of us escape unscathed, and that he'll be quickly on the mend.

For today, I'm proud to put this little line up, once again, but for the last time:

(Along with a lot of other lovely bloggers [see the list here], I wrote seven posts in seven days this week. BOO YAH.)

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  1. Oh noooo! So sorry. There's a bug going around our town and I'm living under a cloud of vomit doom. It's miserable but still way more fun than having to clean up actual vomit. Hang in there! Go team bleach!