good clean (or dirty) fun

My boys are so different. Amby begs to be outside, in the dirt, in the ice or snow or mud. He climbs and scampers. Yesterday I had to change his pants three times. He gets into so much trouble. I love him for it.

Joseph likes to sit and read books about large machinery. If I'm reading him a book about passenger trains, he'll stop me and say, "May I pretend?" I try to always say yes. He takes the book from me, then traces tracks and the movement of the trains with his fingers, making puffing and chuffing sounds the whole time.

I love him for it.

One boy loves the dirty fun, one loves the clean. Sometimes I wonder if I did something wrong that made them such polar opposites. Maybe it's the age? Maybe it's temperament? Maybe one should be more like the other? Should I push Amby to be more interested in books and Joe to get his knees scraped up a little more?

Ah. I don't know the answer. But if I did, I'm sure I'd be filthy rich.

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  1. So fun! Pretty sure both my boys are going to be all about the dirt and grime. My oldest just loves being outside and my youngest is starting too. Although, I think they go about the dirty differently if that makes any sense? haha. My oldest seems to be a clean dirty while the youngest just gets it on him as if he is bathing. We'll see what the years bring! :) Either way, your boys seem to be having fun!

    1. That's too funny, having one boy who likes being "clean dirty." I think that's exactly the kind of dirty my eldest boy will like, once he warms to the whole dirty idea! :)

  2. So much dirt! I think perhaps let their interests guide what they do. God made one to love dirt and the other not for a reason :)