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Win: Sun shows its face a few hours this week. I take the boys in the double jogging stroller to the playground.
Loss: Boys climb out at playground and said stroller loses a wheel.

You win some and you lose some, but you don't expect to lose a wheel. Got some funny looks from passing cars as we rolled our lame horse home.


Amby (and I) survived his ear tubes surgery this morning. By all accounts it's a quick and relatively painless procedure, but still, he had to fast from midnight the night before, don a gown at the surgery center and be carried away by two (very sweet) nurses for the operation. I'm so very grateful that we've never had to do anything more serious than this for either boy, but it was my first taste of what medical intervention looks like for little ones.

Simcha's post about progesterone cream may be a mouthful:

but the information is invaluable. Nine kids, one miscarriage and a whole lotta years of marriage later, and she's just finding a way to make NFP (Creighton) work for her. Big kudos and high fives in her direction, especially because:

The post-peak fight is a doozy! Fight when fertile, folks!

Joe-Joe at his namesake store, in good light.


Speaking of Trader Jose's and the many g-free treasures contained therein: For anyone who'd like to more easily access the piddling amount of information I've posted on gluten-free product reviews and recipes, I've created a "gluten free goods" tab under my fancy winter self-portrait at the top of the page. So if you ever wanted to know my thoughts on Pilsbury GF refrigerated dough, the best (and cheapest) GF chocolate chip cookie, or the best brand for GF pancake mix, you're in luck.


The Ladies of Instagram have been ever so kind in assuring me I'm not alone with this problem:

It's not the folding that gets me--I like folding clothes. It's the putting away, and subsequently having to open up every drawer in the house, that leads to two full baskets of neatly folded clothes collecting dust in my bedroom.

This afternoon, post-surgery, post-nap, two drowsy boys climbed up into my lap. Moments of sweet mother/son tranquility and love followed.

Plus a little reality.

Happy Friday to all the other quick takers at Jen's.


  1. I've had wheels fall off strollers before. Sorry about that...that is no fun..especially when it happens 2 miles from home.

  2. Your last picture is adorable. And as for the stroller, yeah...I had the bicycle wheel fall off with the double trailer attached to the back and three kids a mile from home...I had to figure that one out posthaste. :)

  3. I once lost a stroller wheel on my double stroller in the middle of a shopping mall. I, of course, tried to continue shopping and just replace it every so often but, yeah, total fail. I was so exhausted by the time we made it back to the van because I had to push it at such a weird angle. The solution wound up being putting a zip tie on the end of the axel the wheel was on and that has kept it from slipping off to this day. Will you be able to repair your stroller?