I'm often caught unaware by how much my boys look alike, especially when I'm perusing the ol' iPhoto albums from the past few years.

the first smiles phase

the too-cool-for-school jacket and ruffled hair phase

the chicken phase

God help us if I start doing split-screen splicing and pose Joe in an outfit in our living room today, then wait two years for Amby to be in the same outfit and pose him in the same place.

I think I need to get a hobby.

All the cool boys and girls have more at Cari's for Theme Thursday.


  1. Ha, I've absolutely done the same thing with Cecilia and Mary Claire - to the extent of posing them in the same position, same chair, same dress. And I did it with Elizabeth too, but she looks nothing like the two of them, whereas they look like the real twins! Too cute :)

  2. I'd be happy to teach you how to knit!

  3. Mary! This is ridiculous! Mo and Lu have just now started looking alike, around the 18mo stage. I love it! God willing, you'll have a flock of identical kiddos to tote around :)

  4. Wow! Cute pictures! I'm going to do this now!