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It's January, and it's cold, it's bleak, and dare I say--it's a little ugly outside. So, for those who are able to still use their city's roads and get to a store, I recommending a little (affordable) winter pick-me-up for every table across the land.

(counter-clockwise from top left: mine, source, source, mine, and mine!)

1. Roses
Sean has brought roses home to me so many times, and every time he does, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. They're not always the cheapest flower around, but around St. Valentine's day, they become as common as daisies (and almost as cheap). To help keep them fresh, give them a good fresh cut (goes without saying for any flowers going into a vase) and remove the lower leaves and stems.  This helps to keep the water clean and clear.

2. Alstroemeria
This hardy-stemmed bloom will last for weeks--seriously, weeks--with a fresh cut and a cool spot out of the sun. Plus, they require basically no loving care--no recuts, few wilting petals or leaves, and no awful stamens. And with white, yellows, pinks, purples and deep red hues to choose from, they can fit many occasions. My sister has been known to have no fewer than four mason jars full of alstroemeria about her house at all times. Whenever I see a bunch, I think of her. A bouquet of 3-4 stems often runs no more than $5.

3. Daffodils
Does everyone know about the cheap spring daffodils at Trader Joe's? Only pay $2 (or less) for a bunch of 10 stems, then savor that happy yellow for days. People in fashion use the term "price per wear" for expensive garments, reasoning that the long-term use of a $2,000 dress makes it oh-so-affordable. I say that one daffodil bud costs a max of 20 cents, and if they bloom for seven happy, little-yellow-trumpet filled days? Well, that's like... dirt cheap.

4. Daisies and Mini Chrysanthemums (a twofer!)
In small seasonal bouquets, these two will often be paired since they're inexpensive and colorful. I've only one thing to say about daisies, and Kathleen Kelly said it first and best:

Kathleen Kelly: I love daisies.
Joe Fox: You told me.
Kathleen KellyThey're so friendly. Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?

5. Sunflowers
Just like daffodils, sunflowers tend to be cheapest in the late summer months. Someone gave me a bunch with 3-4 stems last summer, and I was totally surprised by how long they lasted and how cheery they made my little kitchen. To make them last longer, put them in a tall vase with lots of water. This helps support their thick stems and will prevent wilting.

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  1. Flowers. That just might be what I need today when I have to get groceries! It is bleak out there. And cold. And they are forecasting more snow tomorrow. Maybe I need 2 bouquets... :)