five favs: marking roe v. wade as a family

If I don't plan on doing something, I rarely do it.

Spontaneity only visits this house a few times a year, and when it does, it's usually for emergency post-dinner fro yo runs in July.

So I'm making my plans now for next Wednesday, the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade. I credit the bishop of my home parish for giving me the little nudge to plan ahead; if a way-busy bishop can begin his preparations for this sad date months in advance, then a little SAHM can find the time, too. 

I see no reason to exclude my little guys from marking the import of this day. They are, after all, the smallest survivors of this modern-day holocaust. And if anyone can understand the importance of protecting life in that most comfortable and familiar of places, the womb, it's a child. 

1. Go buy diapers, wipes or formula for your local crisis maternity home.

Maternity homes and crisis nurseries almost always have an immediate need of these baby basics. Gift cards to grocery stores or Wal-Mart are always in high demand, too. Sure, just writing these life-saving homes a check would be just as useful. But kids will understand the necessity of diapers and giving them to moms and babes who need them so urgently. 

2. Attend Mass--and offer it up. 

I'll be honest here. I've only once attended Mass alone with both my boys, and man, it was a) a humbling experience and b) not one I'm eager to repeat. Even during Sunday Masses with Sean, I fret over my children's behavior. Next Wednesday, I'm planning on taking the boys to (a hopefully brief) noon Mass, sitting waaaaaaay in the back, and offering up any mortification for the pain unborn children suffer during abortion, and for their grieving, hurting mothers (and fathers). 

3. Say a rosary for all unborn babies and mothers. 

If you already say a daily rosary as a family, mix it up by praying the pro-life rosary, created by Bishop Richard Garcia, who served a while back in my home parish. I'm just saying... that's one fine diocese. :)

And if you're feeling brave, go say that rosary outside of an abortion clinic. It's not for everyone, and it's not even feasible for all moms with kids at certain ages. I know I cannot take Amby and Joe at their ages right now, since Amby's not content to sit in a stroller, and our town's abortion mill sits directly on a very busy road. 

But. There's nothing in the world quite like praying at the very place where children die, week by week. And there's nothing more powerful than bringing children--real, beautiful, vibrant, happy (or fussy, either will work) to witness to the reality of life, and to the reality that unborn children become life's best blessings.

4. Give up sweets for the day, and say why.

In that letter from Bishop Soto, he designates January 22 a day of reparation. When I think of all the reparation that needs to occur to atone for the sins of 57 million aborted children since 1973... I get discouraged. I want to don sackcloth and ashes pull a Jonah in Nineveh, running through the streets and shouting about repentance. 

But I'm a mom with two kids, and to do that, I'd have to push my double stroller while running and shouting. So I'm going to give up my Dove dark chocolate and mini cinnamon gummy Valentine's hearts for the day. I'm going to tell Joe and Amby that I'm sad that not everyone understands that every baby growing in its mommy's womb is precious. That this makes God sad, too.

5. Read Angel in the Waters to the kids. 

Few books have paired fetal development and theology as well as Angel in the Waters. Haven't heard of it or seen it yet? Take a peek:

Since we already own and cherish this beautiful little testament to the value of each life, I'm thinking of purchasing a few more copies and sending to friends and family.  

Have other ideas for marking this day as a family? I'd love to hear.

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  1. These are great ideas. I haven't seen that book, and I think I'll order it for our family. Thanks!

  2. We lvoe tht Angel in the Waters book. Those are all great idea...especially going to Mass and fasting,

    1. Thank you Amelia! I have no idea if Angel in the Waters is a prevalent book in many Catholic homes, but it certainly should be. Although my 3 year old always turns the book upside down, because he thinks the baby is upside down. :)

  3. You're in the Sacramento diocese? I grew up there. I used to go to the cathedral after school and soak in the peace.

    1. Wow! That's beautiful. I grew up there but now live in Washington. I hope one day I'll get to move back. The downtown cathedral went through a big renovation about 5 or 8 years ago, and if it was peaceful and beautiful when you knew it, it is even more so now--ornate, holy and full of gorgeous scriptural imagery.