I heard rumors last month of this being true, but now I've seen it in the flesh. Ladies and gentle readers, I give you...


Call all your friends. Phone your mother. Send out messenger pigeons.

$11.75 for a 2-pack. Life shall never be the same.

January begins with resolutions and high spirits, but a few days in, I remember what comes at the end of the month: the anniversary of a tragedy. I think that's what was on my mind when I read the garbage about crabs feeling pain before our crab dinner on Wednesday. January always plunges me into the reality about what happens to unborn children, right in the town where I live, right in the country I love. And what am I doing about it? Never enough.

With two little kids in tow, I can't just tote them down to our local Planned Parenthood anymore, set up camp and pray all day. When they were babies themselves, yes, we did. I need to find a new way to give prayerful witness and protest to the monster in our community.

This list of life-hacks made the rounds this week. I'm pretty sure this is just a list that gets reposted every new year, because I recognized this one:

A friend on Facebook told how she did this for her four-year old daughter. She put her little girl to bed one night, but soon after the girl came out to the living room, really confused. "Mom... do you know why there's a noodle in my bed?" Hahhhahahhahaha. WHY INDEED.

As Grace might say, I'm stealing this one from the 'gram, but I can't help it. Between two flights of our trip home from Christmas vacation in Cali, we had a quick layover. I procured iced coffee. Sean checked sports scores. Amby, who has no desire but to push around big things with wheels (i.e. the vacuum, ice chests, rolling luggage, and of course strollers) got some exercise. And Joe is happy to take in the scenery.

Nothing beats Jen's Saint Name Generator.

Pope Saint Pius V, pray for us!

I got a sweet comment from a reader named Cathy in the comments this week. Clicking through her profile to see her blog name made my day.  
Lastly, my heart goes out to Simcha. I miscarried our first little one a few years ago. Her account still brings up my tears. Prayers for her and all women (and men) who will meet these sweet souls again one day in a place where there's no need for tears. 

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  1. Honestly I think the two best things we can do to fight abortion are 1) pray and 2) teach our children and other children with whom we have contact, the value of life and joy of children. If no one patronized PP it would go away.