what I wore sunday / Christmas photo

Linking up with the fine FLAP ladies. It's Gaudete Sunday, y'all: give it up for pink. Err, rose.

Sweater: thredup
Skirt: passed down from my Mom
Heels: old old Target
Earrings: clearance at Nordstrom Rack, and my holidayish favorite
Hair: un-shampooed, so up in a clip, a ponytail holder and about 45 bobby pins

I feel a little like a pink Advent candle in this getup, but it seemed appropriate. And thank heavens for the probably too-long skirt, because the velcro on Joseph's shoes snagged my nylons above my knee during the homily and a silver dollar sized hole ensued. Modesty for the win.

Also, our shutterbug friend came over to snap some shots to include in our Christmas cards. Here's my frontrunner for favorite:

At the height of frustration I shouted WHAT'S THE POINT OF HAVING CHILDREN IF THEY WON'T SIT AND SMILE FOR A CHRISTMAS CARD PICTURE?!?!?  And everyone in the room took a few steps back from me so as to not get zapped when the lightning struck.

It took a youtube video playing on someone's phone, eight mint M&Ms, and endless pretend sneezes but we did get one with both boys looking forward and slightly smirking.

And everyone's welcome to join me at confession next Saturday.


  1. haha I hear you on trying to get kids to sit still for pictures. Your husband is obviously also finding that hilarious!

  2. That family photo is AWESOME! We haven't tried to take ours yet but I have a feeling it will go just as smashingly :P

  3. You wear that color so well. Such a classy look. And I have to laugh about the Christmas card photo, because…RIGHT?!?!?!