2013 / 13 photos

Nothing like finishing Christmas vacation on New Year's Eve to give a real sense of finality to the year. The last day of the year began at 4:45 a.m. for me, and two early-morning flights/one layover/lots of hate-hate-hate-leaving-family crying later, we're back in our little abode. One grocery store run stands between me and a veggie platter, a 6-pack of Zevia and possibly some spinach dip. Paaaar-tay.

Dwija's hosting a year-end link-up, so I scrolled through the ol' iPhoto events and culled out my winners. Grab a carrot stick and let's go.

1. My little snow babes. Amby now sports the snow suit that little stink-eye Joe's wearing here. I wore a sling wrap for this snow excursion, thinking Amby would be tentative in the white stuff. No. He'll take the highest hill you've got, please. Wheeee!

2. Amby: the original floor-sweeping photobomber.

3. Near the beginning of this year Joe proudly proclaimed GREEN to be his favorite color. And so it came to pass that all things green gradually drifted into his possession. For St. Patrick's Day my Mom sent him some fitting decorations.

4. File this under "stuff my parents have for the kids to ride on at their house, intended or not."

5. Mother's Day. Note our season-appropriate pastels.

6. Even before the green obsession began, Joe loved trains. For his third birthday, my Mom came up and helped throw him a train-themed birthday party. Even though the party got a little rained out and ended up happening in our living room/tiny backyard as opposed to the park, our little engineers still filled their tender cars full of coal and all that. Note Sean's second instance of a yellow shirt.

7. Kids in hats. I cannot get enough.

BONUS. Second instance of "stuff my parents have for the kids to ride on at their house."

8. Weekend lake trip, and Joe's first s'more. I believe he took this bite and said, "But... I'm so sticky."

9. September... highs and lows. Lows: having my gallbladder removed, sending Sean to the Mayo Clinic for 10 days to finally get a diagnosis for his life-long pain. Highs: moving into a new, beautiful home, and a new darling baby nephew for our family. My Mom came up to move us, help us settle in, and take care of all her kids. Like she always does.

10. Being in the new house helped me kickstart this little blog again, hence the homage to my banner photo. A few flowers for my 30th birthday, a sun-filled fall day, an ironed placemat--these are a few of my favorite things.

11. Hosting for Thanksgiving. No turning back from adulthood now.

12. Christmas in California, and the boys with their Poppy. I love this shot because it reminds me of this:

(credit: acartoonchristmas.com)

That's a wrap for us here. You have my prayers and hopes for a blessed 2014. And hey. Go to Mass tomorrow. :)


  1. It's hard to pick a fave, but both faces in that February photo are stealin' my heart!

    1. Thanks for hosting, Dwija! I loved seeing others' years in review--too much fun.

  2. Mary! One of my dearest friends' husbands is in residency at the Mayo Clinic. If Sean goes back, drop me an email, and I'll put you guys in touch. It's always nice to have a friendly face...

    1. Maggie, that is most kind of you! Thank you. If he does have the occasion to go back, I will most definitely take you up on that. Eleri/James/kids drove up for a MN doc appt while he was there, so they hopped over to visit him. I wish I could have gone with him, but it wasn't feasible with the move and my surgery.