Seven Quick Takes: Burn baby burn.

Linking up to Jen at Conversion Diary today to play another round of Seven Quick Takes. 

Our little abode comes complete with a working fireplace, hurray! Are all boys pyromaniacs by nature? All three of them took great delight in watching the flames flicker. Every morning since, Amby walks up to the fireplace doors and gives them a good shake, looking at me with a face that says, "Mom, you haven't lit it yet." Sorry kid. This ain't Downton Abby and I'm not the scullery maid.

Said fireplace has now lit the proverbial flame of interest in Joe for all things fire and smoke related in his books. He kept pouring over a board book about the Nativity, zeroing in on the page that shows the angels coming to tell the Good News to the shepherds. Ah, the faith of a child, I thought. No, it's that the shepherds gather around a FIRE outside. "Is that the smoke? Is it buuuuurning them? Are they being careful? Do they put newspaper in their fiiiiire?"

We woke up to a few inches of snow this week. Boys rejoice; mommy goes hunting in the basement for snow boots. But a good time was had by all, once the torture of putting on snow mittens ended.

In my zeal for safety and concern for my neighbors, I grabbed our snow shovel during the snow storm and cleared our sidewalks. I then spent the rest of the day so satisfied with myself that the little children walking home from school past my house would be free from the hazards of icy patches and snow in their boots. 

The snow all melted by noon. Whatevs. 

I'm just discovering the wealth of materials at Catholic Icing. I know, I know, I'm late to the party. But it took me a few months to realize Joe is a preschooler capable of, you know, the dreaded arts and crafts--or as Camp Patton's Julia would say, "I just love arts and craps!" The Catholic Icing link above takes you to their November printables page. Joseph isn't that great at coloring yet, but I think he'll be freaking-out-excited to make a gluten-free crown cake for the Feast of Christ the King.

Some days, the boys go down for naps and I pick up every last toy and block in the living room, effectively hitting the reset button on the daily house mess. And then there's Friday.

It's like a picture out of an I-Spy book. I spy a fish, a monkey, and... what's that in the bottom right corner? Oh, it's Mommy's credit card which she couldn't find when she checked out at the grocery store this morning. Hurray.

It's only 18 months late, but I finally recorded Amby's birth story.

Here's looking at you, kid. I love you. Now quit taking stuff out of my purse.

Also, please allow me to introduce myself. Happy Friday.


  1. "Luckily" for us, winter boots have take up a permanent residency in our daily lives...because even if it was the middle of August, it MIGHT just snow...toddler thoughts

  2. Oh, you always have to be prepared. :) We can get snow in our city between October and April, so I really have no excuse for keeping them hidden away.

  3. I'm here from Jen's, and I wanted to say that I'm enjoying your writing and your little boys are so adorable!

    1. Hi there! Wow, thank you for coming over. Blogger/stalker confession: I've been reading and enjoying your posts for a few months now--I think it was Grace's blog that linked to yours? Anyway, love to read your crunchy posts. Congrats your new baby girl!