Practically gluten free.

The short story? I live a practically gluten-free life.

Practically all gluten is gone from my diet (but the teeny amount in soy sauce treats me just fine).

But, I cook practically too--you won't find eight jars of varying gluten-free flour in my kitchen which I measure out by the gram to create my custom all-purpose flour mix when I bake my homemade graham crackers. Many kudos to those who can. That just ain't me. These do just fine.

The long story involves many years of upset stomach, misplaced lactose-free fanaticism, the purchase of a few IBS cookbooks and many lonely months without coffee. In the end, it all led to the real culprit, gluten. Someday, if I have time and energy after doing the dishes, I'll write about it.

But until then, here's what I'm sharing: The best off-the-shelf gluten-free items I've purchased. I have four levels of praise:

G-Free Gold Star: It's delicious and is the best product I've tasted in the category.

Cheap G-Free Gold Star: It's delicious, it's the best product I've tasted in the category, AND it's reasonably priced--meaning I'll buy it more than once a week, instead of once in a while as a treat.

G-Free Passably: Yeah, it'll work in a pinch.

G-Free Miserably: Don't waste your husband's hard-earned money. Ha!

Gluten-free reviews forthcoming. Hope your tastebuds are already craving pumpkin-spice donuts... I know mine are.


  1. oh, i'm looking forward to these posts!!! i had a gf roommate, and she got me hooked on TAMARI, the gf soy sauce. it is really good--just as savory and a little less salty.

  2. Ah, agreed on the tamari! I love learning what other people's favorites are in the g-free world. Granted, these posts will reveal that I eat way too many cookies. But may others learn from my victories and pricey defeats, ha!